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Management Team

Shwetha Sivakumar

Co-Chair & Co-Founder
Computer Engineering Student @ Queen's University | Partner Technology Strategist Intern @ Microsoft

Spandhana Gade

Vice President - HR Strategy
Avid Traveller | Lover of Mangoes, Murder Mysteries, Dancing in the Rain, Thai Food and Jennifer Lopez

Andy Tran

Co-Chair & Co-Founder
Data Product Manager | Miles & Points | Automation and No-Code

Joy Lin

Vice President - Operations
Management Engineering student @ uWaterloo interested in all things tech, design, and entrepreneurship!

Product Team

Joshua Ye

Product Director
Computer Science and Business Double Degree Student @ uWaterloo

Mabel Kwok

Product Director
Computer Science and Business Double Degree Student @ uWaterloo

Vanessa Seto

Product Director
Systems Design Engineering @ uWaterloo | UI/UX Designer @ Outgive | Previously @ Sun Life, FairVentures

Aman Sharma

Product Designer
International Business Administration Student @ Schulich School of Business

Paco Li

Product Designer
Design Student @ York/Sheridan Joint Program for Design

Andrey Starenky

Grade 12 Student | Interests in Computer Science, Mobile & Backend Development

Dhruv Shah

Computer Science and Business Administration double degree student @ uWaterloo | Previously Developer @ RBC and DANIMA Creative Group

Leon Dai

Computer Engineering Student @ uWaterloo

Raunak Bajaj

Computer Science Student @ Ryerson University | Software Developer Intern @ Senso.ai

Kevin Liu

Website Coordinator
TKS Innovator | Founder of Now Speak Up | Chief Technology Officer @ JECToronto | Grade 11 Student @ Agincourt CI

Nurin Fazil

Website Coordinator
Computer Engineering Student @ University of Toronto

Technology & Operations (T&O) Team

Jason Amri

T&O Director
Aspiring Tech Strategy Consultant | uWaterloo Computer Science and Laurier Business Student

Manushi Oza

Automation Coordinator
Computer Engineering Student @ Ryerson University

Monishkumar Sivakumar

Automation Coordinator
Computer Engineer Student @ Carleton University

Aziz Uddin

Data Analyst Coordinator
Final Year Biomedical Engineering Student @ Ryerson University

Rachael Ou

Connections Coordinator

Marketing Team

Esmee Chow

Marketing Director
Business Graduate @ Schulich School of Business

Daniel Mitchell

Marketing Director
Recent McMaster Commerce Marketing Graduate

Samantha Ouyang

Graphic Designer
TKS Innovator | Founder of Superposition Toronto | Young Member of NYAS | President @ Bayview Reach For The Top | Grade 11 IB Student @ Bayview Secondary School

Samantha Temple

Social Media Coordinator

Jane Shen

Marketing Coordinator
Biomedical Engineering Student @ uWaterloo

Kavith Pandithan

Marketing Coordinator
Grade 12 student @ White Oaks Secondary School

Ryan George

Marketing Coordinator
International Baccalaureate student @ White Oaks Secondary School

Participant Experience (PE) Team

Ananya Anupam

PE Director
Politics, Entrepreneurship and Business student @ uWaterloo | Passionate about technology, international relations, and sustainable equity design.

Kailey Chen

PE Director
Computer Science and Business Administration Double Degree Student @ uWaterloo

Aarya Jha

PE Coordinator
Grade 12 IB Student @ Turner Fenton Secondary School | Co-founder of Vite ReVue

Emily Pang

PE Coordinator
Grade 12 Student @ Richmond Hill High School | Aspiring Business Student

Isha Cheema

PE Coordinator
Computer Engineering Student @ Ryerson University

Lisa Vong

PE Coordinator
IB Student @ Turner Fenton Secondary School

Zulfa Varvani

Mentorship Program Coordinator
Biomedical Engineering Student @ Ryerson University | VP Outreach at Ryerson WiE | Leader, Innovator, Achiever

Sponsorship Team

Eric Peng

Sponsorship Director
Second Year CS Student @ YorkU | Mobile Enginering Intern @ Shopify

Achchala Deepan

Sponsorship Coordinator
Grade 12 IB Student @ Turner Fenton Secondary School

Grace Gao

Sponsorship Coordinator
Software Engineering Student @ uWaterloo

Owen Wong 

Sponsorship Coordinator
Grade 12 Student @ John Fraser Secondary School | Software Development Enthusiast

Toronto, ON


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