TOHacks is an active member in the community! We try to maximize our impact by providing extra hands and support to those in need. Check out some of the past initiatives that TOHacks has been involved with!

TOHacks x SensoGo: Feeding Front-Line Staff at Toronto Hospitals during COVID-19

SensoGo, an initiative started by connects sponsors with local businesses to provide meals for front-line workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Organizers coordinated meal and gift package deliveries to the front-line staff at various Toronto hospitals. Packages were prepared by merchants who were running into cash flow issues due to the impact of COVID-19. 


TOHacks was proud to support the initiative by sponsoring the lunch delivered to front line staff at Baycrest Hospital. With the help of SensoGo, we were able to make a donation to support both Sandra's Italian Kitchen and Baycrest Hospital by providing a free meal as a token of our gratitude.

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sensogo-initiative 1.jpeg
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TOHacks x FeedOurCommunity: Scarborough

FeedOurCommunity: Scarborough is an initiative aimed at raising funds to provide meals to these front-line heroes along with securing donations for local food banks that are seeing a rise in the demand for their services during this time. To help out with the initiative, TOHacks provided a donation.